Campus News

A note from Riley
September 1, 2014

Come on down to Rising Star Stables for a little horseplay. Hop on a horse for a race in JUMP FOR GOLD—or give the Innerstar U horses some TLC by playing HORSE SENSE.

What are ways you like to horse around at home? If you can't think of any, try something on the list below. Just remember to play it safe while you're having fun.

• Play touch football
• Start a pillow fight
• Roll down a hill
• Do cartwheels in the yard
• Skip everywhere
• Dance up a storm
• Have a leg-wrestling match

A note from Paige
Innerstar U HQ
August 25, 2014

Your room at Brightstar House is your campus headquarters for good times. Try out all the special features in your room this week. Send a few emails to your friends on campus. Take a minute to marvel at the awards in your Yearbook. Discover stylish new clothing combinations using My Closet and Style & Go.

Have a blast in your room at home, too. Make a funny card to send to a friend or relative. Browse a photo album to remember adventures you've had in the past. Make a list of your proudest moments. Or get silly making outrageous outfits with clothes from your closet. There's no limit to the fun you can have. Just use your imagination.

A note from Neely
Picture This
August 18, 2014

Get in touch with your creativity! Drop by Sparkle Studios to play PRETTY PATTERNS. Once you've completed a picture, remember to print it so that you can display it or give it to a friend.

At home, make a personal art gallery for yourself and your doll. Display your masterpieces in your bedroom or play space. To avoid damaging your pictures with tape or tacks, hang a piece of silky cord across a wall and clip on your artwork with mini clothespins or binder clips. When you're finished, invite your friends and family to visit the gallery.

A note from Isabel
Pajama Party
August 11, 2014

I've got an idea: Let's have a pajama party at Innerstar U! To join the fun, go to your room at Brightstar House and put on your cutest pajamas. If you don't have any jammies, pick up a pair at Pajama Jam in Shopping Square. I think the Petals and Plaid PJs are dreamy. Once you're in your pjs, head over to Star Student Center for a game of PAJAMA PILE. The more you play, the more super sleepover tips you'll unlock.

You can treat yourself to a personal pajama party at home, too. If you'd like, ask your mom or sister to join you. Start by putting on your pjs extra early. Then settle in for popcorn and a movie. Or apply a soothing facial mask and just relax. If you're feeling creative, have fun inventing new hairstyles. With a little imagination, any night of the week can feel special.

A note from Shelby
Dream Room
August 2, 2014

Tired of having the same old room design? If so, stop by Dream Décor to pick out a dazzling new design. I like the new Bright Bunk Bedroom. It's cheerful, modern, and fun. If those words also describe you, you just found your new dream room.

You can give your bedroom at home a makeover, too. All you need to do is make a few changes. Rearrange the furniture. Switch the decorations on your walls. If you have a reversible bedcover, flip it over for a quick dramatic change. You might be surprised at how new and different your room looks.

A note from Logan
Thanks for the Memories
July 28, 2014

When was the last time you played PACKING PALS? If you can't remember, I challenge you to play it soon! You'll have fun—and improve your memory.

You can also give your memory muscles a workout with flashcards. Use flashcards you already have or make new ones for a topic you'd like to study. Spend a few minutes each day going over the cards. In a week, you'll be surprised by how much you've learned and your brain will be saying, Thanks for the memories!