Campus News

A note from Logan
Spring Sparkle
April 14, 2014

Springtime means enjoying warmer weather, watching things grow, spotting baby animals, and doing SPRING CLEANING! Yes, spring is the time for picking up, sorting out, washing up, and last but not least, recycling. Clean out your closet in Brightstar House by donating items you don't wear at the CARE & SHARE tent in the Market.

Spring cleaning isn't just for closets either. Why not make things sparkle all over your house? Help your parents by doing a few extra chores. Sweep the kitchen floor, vacuum the carpet, or take out the trash. I'm sure it will be appreciated.

A note from Isabel
Spring into Style
April 7, 2014

Each season has a style, and the look for spring is always fresh and new. What do you like to wear in spring? Look in you closet for fresh colors and anything that says "spring" to you. Put together your own springtime styles, or head over to Shopping Square to try outfits specially designed for this time of year. At Casual Closet, you'll find the Sweet Spring Outfit, the Springtime Sundress, the Spring Party Outfit—and more.

At home, take time to go through the clothes in your closet. Find your favorite spring outfit from last year. Then look for ways to mix and match items in your wardrobe to create different spring outfits. Remember to try a few unexpected combinations. You're bound to come up with new looks that will be as fresh as the season.

A note from Paige
Picture Perfect
March 31, 2014

It's fun to take photos of special events in your life—and your doll's life, too! The next time you create a special play scene for your doll, such as a doll birthday party, be sure to take plenty of snapshots. To make your photo shoot a complete success, check out Doll Photo Shoot at Starlight Library. It's full of professional photography tips and brilliant ideas for set decorations, props, and more. After the photo shoot, share you doll-party pictures with friends or put them in a special scrapbook.

A note from Shelby
Party Paper
March 24, 2014

Every party needs some paper—that's why I'm reading Pretty in Paper. You can find excerpts of the book at Starlight Library. It's full of amazing paper-craft projects you can use as birthday decorations and favors. Take ideas from the book or think of your own ways to make posh paper crowns, snazzy streamers, gorgeous gift bags, and more. Then use your creations to decorate a spectacular birthday party for a friend—or your doll!

A note from Neely
Un-Birthday Cakes
March 17, 2014

Have you ever heard of an un-birthday? It's any time you celebrate your birthday when it really isn't your birthday. I've decided to celebrate my best friend's un-birthdays by playing CUPCAKE CRAZY and making a special cupcake for her. Right after I make a cupcake, I'll take a screen shot of it so that I can send it to my friend. Is there someone to whom you'd like to give an un-birthday cupcake? If so, go to Star Student Center and get baking!

You can make real un-birthday cupcakes, too. With an adult's help, bake cupcakes for everyone in your family. Then decorate each one especially for the person who will receive it. It's a sweet way to show you care.

A note from Emmy
Do a Birthday Dance
March 10, 2014

I'm going to dance like it's my birthday during birthday month at Innerstar U. Would you like to do a birthday dance? If so, let's make it a campus-wide dance party! We could all put on our best dancing duds. Then do some fancy footwork at U-Shine Hall in a game of DANCE SPECTACULAR.

Do you have a signature step that you could teach to your friends at home? Invite your pals over for dance practice. Trade dance moves with one another. Work together to invent a new birthday dance—or two. It's great fun and good exercise.