Campus News

A note from Logan
Let's Get Quizzical
October 20, 2014

Hey! There's a mind-boggling new book to check out at Starlight Library, called Brain Benders. In this book you'll find groovy word games, crazy crosswords, and sensational searches that will give your mind a workout. Eye-popping pictures will help you solve entertaining puzzles about fierce fashions, all sorts of sports, cute critters, and much more. Are you game?

What brain-exercising games do you like to play? Break out the chess set or a trivia game and invite your family to find out who's the biggest brainiac of the bunch. You could have hours of mind-blowing fun!

A note from Emmy
Feed Your Mind
October 13, 2014

Give your mind something to munch on—play PICTURE PUZZLES. It's full of challenging puzzles that will build your brain. The more you visit Sparkle Studios and play the game, the more brain-boosting tips you'll earn. Some are study tips. Others are recipes for tasty, nutritious snacks that will help keep you clever.

At home, nourish your mind with a study party. Invite a friend to study with you. For a smart study break, serve up some brain food. Ask an adult to help you make fruit smoothies, veggies and dip, or toasted pumpkin seeds. They're all yummy snacks that will help give you energy and make your mind sharp.

A note from Isabel
Locker Looks
October 6, 2014

Get an A+ for style! Go to Starlight Library and check out Locker Looks and Study Nooks. Inside you'll find ideas that will help you turn a plain, empty locker into a colorful and creative "home away from home."

Once you've imagined your dream locker or study nook, start making and collecting the things you'll need to transform your space. Get creative and craft your own pencil holders, picture frames, and magnets. If you'd like, make extras to give to friends so that they can study in style, too.

A note from Emmy
Let's Bee Friends
September 29, 2014

Have you heard the buzz on campus? It's Bee Friends Week at Innerstar U! If you'd like to join in the fun, go to Bravo Boutique in Shopping Square and get the Bee Myself Outfit. Then wear the outfit around campus and hunt for bug buddies. If you see someone dressed as a bee, send her a friend request so that you can "bee" friends!

See if you can find new friends in your neighborhood or at school. Make a beeline for someone you don't know well in your class and start up a conversation. It's easy. Just mention something you enjoyed about class or give the person a sincere compliment. "Bee nice" to everyone around you and you'll find that most people will "bee nice" right back.

A note from Neely
Mane Event
September 22, 2014

In honor of our four-legged friends at Rising Star Stables, Real Beauty Salon is having a mane event. It's time to trade in your plain old ponytail for an extra special Innerstar U ʼdo. Don't be shy—get creative with your look. Try a braided or layered Cool Colors hairstyle with streaks of pink, purple, and aqua. What hairstyle will you choose?

Keep your doll at home looking her best, too. Visit to find written instructions and videos for styling your doll's hair.

A note from Logan
Reading Roundup
September 15, 2014

Hold your horses, everyone. It's time for a reading roundup! I've corralled some great new books for you to choose from at Starlight Library. Check out these titles when you visit Borrow a Book.

• Doll Art Studio
• Bits of Glitz
• Puzzle Palooza
• Brain Benders
• The Awesomest, Randomest Book Ever

If any of these titles inspire you, do something about it! Make a tiny painting for your doll. Create a sparkly greeting card for a friend. Design a new game to play with your family. Or make your own list of the awesomest, randomest things you can think of. You'll have so much fun you'll say, "Yee-haw!"