Campus News

A note from Neely
Dare to Be Different
July 21, 2014

Hey everybody! Challenge Yourself month is under way and it's time to step up your style. Challenge yourself to visit Shopping Square and try some new outfits. Change your stripes with the new School Stripes and Bright Stripes outfits. Alter your sleeping pattern in the new Petals and Plaid PJs. Or have fun wearing the super-cool Karate Outfit. I guarantee you'll get a kick out it!

At home, mix and match your clothes in different ways to create fresh combinations you've never worn before. Dare to be different! Wear something that makes you feel unique.

A note from Riley
I Dare U
July 14, 2014

Have you heard? Innerstar U is changing its name to "I Dare" U in honor of Challenge Yourself month. It's a time to try new things and move outside your comfort zone. To start Challenge Yourself month, I'm daring myself to play a game that's especially tricky for me. I'm giving DIVE IN another shot or two—or three. Hey, why not take this dare with me? Play a game that's tough for you. If you don't give up, your scores are bound to improve.

At home, you could challenge yourself to try a new sport or athletic activity. Dare your friends and family to join you. For bonus points, invite someone new to play with you, too. You might discover a new favorite pastime.

A note from Shelby
Join the Club
July 7, 2014

Have you been to the Market lately? Playing a new game there, CAMPUS CLUB FAIR, is a great way to start off Challenge Yourself month at Innerstar U. When you play CAMPUS CLUB FAIR, you'll get a topic and be asked to find the club where you can learn more about it. But be careful not to run into anyone as you cross the path to reach each club's booth!

Challenge yourself to learn new things outside Innerstar U, too. Browse shelves at the public library for books on subjects you don't normally read about. You might find lots of exciting new topics that you want to explore.

A note from Isabel
Earn and Learn
June 30, 2014

Making money is fun! But it's just as important to learn what to do with your money once you've earned it. How good are you at managing money? Do you spend it all, or do you save some? Do you plan the way you'll spend your money, or do you buy things on a whim? If you're interested in learning more about money, go to Starlight Library and check out the book A Smart Girl's Guide: Money. It's loaded with tips to help you spend wisely and save money, too.

As an extra project, keep track of everything you spend money on during the next month or so. You may be surprised by your own spending habits!

A note from Emmy
Super Sitter
June 23, 2014

Do you love babysitting? Here's your chance to learn how to be an even better sitter. Take a peek at Super Sitter's Playbook. You'll find it at Starlight Library. It's full of ideas to keep kids happy and entertained the whole time you're watching them. But caring for kids isn't just fun and games. The information in this book will also help you deal with sticky situations and keep everyone safe.

Getting ready to be the best sitter ever starts at home. Pack a babysitting bag full of interesting things for kids to do. Learn how to make a fun snack that little ones will love. Make a list of emergency numbers to always have with you when you're babysitting. By the end of summer vacation, you'll be the favorite sitter in the neighborhood!

A note from Amber
Handle with Care
June 16, 2014

If you're an animal lover, as I am, a dog-walking or pet-sitting service is the ideal business for you. But before you start your pet business, be sure to study the proper way to handle the types of animals you'll be caring for. The pets you help—and their owners—will be happy you did.

You could also borrow a cute critter from Pet Palooza for a game of PET PLAY at Brightstar House. Playing PET PLAY could help you develop patience—which is something you'll need if you ever get the chance to train a puppy or kitten of your own.