Campus News

A note from Paige
Go Wild
February 23, 2015

I'm a nature girl, so it should not surprise you to hear that I have a wild side. Normally I go wild by hiking or camping in the great outdoors. But when I can't be outside, I like to go wild inside. How do I do it? I put on a pair of animal-print pajamas! My favorites are the exotic animal pajamas at Pajama Jam in Shopping Square. Should I wear the Lovely Leopard PJ's or the Purple Peacock PJ's? Either way, I'll be seeing spots.

Another way you can go wild inside is to get in touch with natural things indoors. Hang out with a pet (ask to borrow the neighbor's, if you need to). Or ask an adult if you may help take care of houseplants. Spending time with plants and animals relaxes me and give me energy. How does it make you feel?

A note from Emmy
Be a Sweetheart
February 16, 2015

I've decided to be a sweetheart this Valentine's Day by helping a good cause. I'm having a bake sale to raise money for kids in need. You can, too! Join me and Grace, Girl of the Year 2015, in the For Goodness, Bake campaign to fight hunger. You can learn more about it at If everyone pitched in, imagine what a difference we could make!

You can also be a sweetheart by playing BAKE SALE at Star Student Center and then donating the stars you earn to a cause at the CARE & SHARE tent at the Market.

A note from Riley
Sweet Insanity
February 9, 2015

Just thinking about all the cupcakes I'm going to see on Valentine's Day has made me a little cupcake crazy. Now all I want to do is go to Star Student Center to play CUPCAKE CRAZY and bake lots of beautiful cupcakes. I'm going to see if I can beat my old cupcake-baking record. If you come to Star Student Center, you can go cupcake crazy, too. How many cupcakes do you think you'll bake?

Is there a hobby or sport that you're crazy about? If so, spend some time enjoying it. If for some reason you can't do the activity, read or do research about the topic. It's fun to be excited about the things you love!

A note from Logan
Fresh Stories
February 2, 2015

If you know me, you know that two of my favorite hobbies are baking and reading. Now I can enjoy both at the same time by reading stories about Grace Thomas, Girl of the Year 2015. She loves baking, too! You can take a look at Grace's first two books—just check them out at Starlight Library. I think you're going to love them. They're warm and sweet—like pastries fresh from the oven.

A note from Shelby
The More, the Merrier
January 26, 2015

My goal this month is to play more multiplayer games at Innerstar U. It helps build team spirit. When you join someone in a multiplayer game, you multiply the fun with a sense of friendly competition—so play one of these multiplayer games.

• Packing Pals
• Dance Spectacular
• Game On!
• Starfire Regatta

When you're having a good time at home or at school be sure to invite others to join you. By including others, you'll make them feel good and you'll have more fun. After all—and the more the merrier!

A note from Riley
January 19, 2015

How's your New Year so far? Mine's going great! I've set a new goal for myself. I'm going to try to score more goals, skip more rope, sink more baskets, and ace more tricks on the trampoline whenever I play GAME ON! Why not take the challenge, too? And invite your pals on campus to play with you.

At home, ask friends to join you in taking one of the challenges listed below. Or make up a challenge of your own. Then make it your goal to beat your best record.
• See how long you can balance on one foot
• See how many times you can repeat a tongue twister without a mistake
• See how many baskets you can sink into a basketball net or a wastebasket
• See how fast you can say the alphabet backwards