Campus News

A note from Isabel
Holiday Cheer
December 22, 2014

Holiday cheer is everywhere—including the Good Sports Center. You'll feel it when you play POM-POM POWER! As you play, imagine you are cheering to help someone special reach a personal goal. Who and what will you cheer for?

For even more holiday cheer, invent a cheerleading chant for the New Year. Think of a dream you'd like to make come true this year. Imagine what you'll need to do to reach your goal. Then think of words that will inspire you to do what it takes to make it happen. Shout out your chant whenever you need an extra boost.

A note from Emmy
Let It Snow
December 15, 2014

Snowflakes make me smile. Why? Because they're beautiful. And because when enough of them pile up, I can hit the hills for some skiing, snowboarding, or sledding. And when it's extra chilly, I grab my ice skates for some figure skating or ice hockey. I can't wait to wear my new Ice-Skating Outfit from Girl Gear.

What's your favorite way to play outside on a winter day? When you know which cold-weather activities you like to do, you'll never dread a wintry day. Instead, you'll be saying, "Let it snow!"

A note from Logan
Snowy-Day Snacks
December 8, 2014

Keep cozy this winter with snowy-day snacks. When it's chilly outside, ask an adult to help you make warm treats, such as mugs of steaming apple cider or hot chocolate, or a batch of freshly baked cookies. Remember to enjoy your snacks with the people you love! And, if you can't find an adult to help you make hot snacks, play BAKE SALE. It's full of yummy treats that will warm your heart and sweeten the season.

A note from Paige
Seasonal Style
December 1, 2014

What comes to mind when I think of winter? Snow, of course! Then I think of warm winter clothes. Did you know there are lots of cute winter styles at Casual Closet in Shopping Square? My favorite is the Winter White Outfit.

Have a winter wear party! Invite your sister or mom to put together winter outfits using clothes you have in your closets. Choose clothing and accessories in wintery whites or frosty shades of blue. Wear them in layers to create cozy combinations that look super cool!

A note from Riley
Thank U
November 24, 2014

This Thanksgiving why not thank yourself for all the amazing things you do? Treat yourself to your favorite things at Innerstar U. Put on a snazzy outfit. Get a new hairstyle. Play the games you've always loved. Or explore campus to find new and exciting things to do.

Remember to treat yourself well outside of Innerstar U, too. Move your body. Get some fresh air. Eat tasty foods that are good for you. Enjoy a relaxing bath. Give yourself a manicure. And last but not least, have fun! Appreciating yourself this way isn't just for Thanksgiving. It's a wonderful thing to do every day.

A note from Paige
Thanks Giving
November 17, 2014

Are you thankful for all of the wonderful things you have at Innerstar U? If so, show your gratitude by spreading some of your good fortune. Send a friend a campus email and attach something from your closet that you think she would enjoy. Or visit the Market to donate stars or clothes to your favorite cause at the Care & Share Tent.

Get into the Thanksgiving spirit at home, too. Ask your parents if they'd like to help spread your family's good fortune. Maybe your family could help a food pantry provide holiday meals for people in need, or invite a neighbor with no holiday plans to join you for Thanksgiving dinner. After all, food tastes better when it's shared!